About Us

writing workshop with published authorUndergraduate and graduate students of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are expected to leave behind the confines of their comfort zones, to embrace unfamiliar concepts and to think critically and creatively.

As the largest college at UNC Charlotte, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences houses 20 departments in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, physical sciences and military sciences, as well as 25 applied research centers and interdisciplinary programs. It offers eight doctoral degrees, 36 master's degrees and graduate certificates and 34 undergraduate degrees. The college supports interdisciplinary programs at all levels. We are committed to developing an inclusive environment where diversity, in all its forms, is valued and incorporated in the full range of college activities.

Our award-winning faculty are intellectual leaders who engage in research that advances knowledge in their fields and improves our world. They are passionate about their teaching and about encouraging a spirit of exploration and learning. Our faculty and students work within our local, national, and global communities to find creative and innovative solutions to contemporary issues.

Global PR conferenceThe college promotes high ethical standards in all aspects and is built upon a foundation of diversity and inclusion. Our academic departments and degree programs, by their very nature, support and promote a rigorous examination and understanding of the multicultural world in which we live today. Diversity, in all its forms, is valued and incorporated in the full-range of college activities.

Our students stretch their innate talents as they explore new concepts and gain a solid grounding in liberal arts and sciences and in emerging fields of study. By the time our students graduate, they are prepared for leadership and service and equipped with the tools for success, wherever they choose to live and work.