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Give NowYour gift propels the progress of UNC Charlotte's College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. With your gift, we are able to recruit and retain talented faculty and researchers, inspire vibrant students, and encourage partnerships with community leaders that enliven our shared economic and cultural future.

But your gift is also more than that.

Giving to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences here at UNC Charlotte is also fundamentally idea-driven; it is a tribute to the purpose behind higher education. We give to this institution for the same reason that professors teach and researchers study—the love of learning, and the idea that knowledge sustains, connects, and supports us all.

It is sometimes difficult to put the soul of ideas into words, but that's what our donor testimonials have done; they have provided tangible accounts of what this College has given them and their families. And with your support, these are the things we continue striving for as a College. So to answer the question, "Why give," we give because our gifts make tangible differences in the lives of students and faculty, in our institution, and in our community.

Together, we're shaping the future.

Harland Jackson

Harland JacksonJackson recently made a bequest to UNC Charlotte's Botanical Gardens, which will provide significant funding to support maintenance, programs and outreach. He says, "I wanted to support UNC Charlotte beyond what my current giving would allow. By including the Gardens in my estate plan, I can help ensure the sustainability of the facility and its programs." Here, Jackson explains how he has enjoyed his time volunteering in the Gardens:

It started in 1990 as my plan for self-improvement – using the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens to hone my gardening skills and teach me about new plant varieties and cultural practices. Eighteen years later it has evolved into a route to healthy living and a love affair with the Gardens. Encouraged by my mentor Larry Mellichamp (the superb Gardens director), my experience as a volunteer gardener has been both intellectually and physically stimulating.

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Henry Doss (B.A. '77)

In this excerpt from a speech he made to College of Liberal Arts & Sciences donors, alumnus Henry Doss explains why he thinks it is important to give back to the college:

Institutions like UNC Charlotte are built around their history, and their history is built around people.

My personal history with this institution stretches back now for 33 years.

I was the first person in my family to graduate from UNC Charlotte, way back in 1977. But I was not the last. In fact, there has rarely been a time in the past couple of decades when there wasn’t someone from my family attending UNC Charlotte. There’s a total of eight UNC Charlotte graduates (with 10 degrees of various kinds) from our family.

So for me, one of the obvious reasons I love this institution is for its presence in mine and my family’s lives for the past 31 years.

But, really, that’s only part of the story of why I love UNC Charlotte, and why I think it’s so important to give back to this institution.

My reason is magic.

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