Diversity Statement

Consistent with the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences’ (CLAS) dedication to critical thinking and engaged
citizenship, we hereby affirm our commitment as a public institution of higher learning to diversity, access,
equity and inclusion in all aspects of our teaching, scholarship, and professional activities. Our lives,
perspectives and practices are enriched when we actively engage in discourse and inclusive actions
around complex ideas and issues, whether they pertain to race and ethnicity; sex; gender identity;
political viewpoints; sexual orientation; special health needs; age; belief system; country of origin; or
socio-economic status.

Beyond words, we affirm our commitment to behaving in ways that respect people regardless of their
differences and affirm our commitment to: no tolerance of behaviors that are exclusionary or disrespectful
of these differences, educating people about how diversity influences us all, and educating diverse
individuals in ways that are inclusive.