Personally Speaking

Each year, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in partnership with J. Murrey Atkins Library presents provocative, compelling topics for discussion through its signature author lecture series, Personally Speaking.

In the 2017-2018 season, we will consider the relationship of food to the shaping of culture, the role of slaves in the abolition movement, the influence of Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe on modern authors, and contemporary genocides and the forces that shape them. Four UNC Charlotte researchers/authors will take guests on often unexpected, sometimes uncomfortable, yet always interesting journeys as they discuss their books on these topics during this eighth year of the annual Personally Speaking series presented by UNC Charlotte’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, J. Murrey Atkins Library and UNC Charlotte Center City.


EventsCollege Events

One of the goals of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is to extend intellectual inquiry and engagement into the local, national, and global communities. One avenue for doing so is through the college’s programs and events offered to the university community and the broader community.

The college offers the Personally Speaking series, conversations sponsored by the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics and the Center for the Study of the New South, and the annual Witherspoon Lecture, Bertha Maxwell Roddy Lecture, Tate Lecture and Barnhardt Seminar, along with numerous other community conversations. Through these community events, and through dozens of programs presented by individual academic departments, the College offers speakers of national, international and local stature to educate, challenge and engage the community.


New SouthCenter for the Study of the New South

The Center for the Study of the New South promotes discourse and dialogue on a rich and diverse constellation of topics and ideas relating to the New South. Known as the period of regional history from the end of the Civil War to the modern era, the New South offers a bold tapestry of history, culture, social movement and political issues ripe for reflection and study.

The Center engages the community in conversations around current issues such as a series of discussions on "Growing Up Southern," sports in the New South, food in the New South and “Real Talk: Why the Black American Male Still Matters,” a series of discussions designed to explore unique challenges faced by the black American male.


CTICharlotte Teachers Institute

The Charlotte Teachers Institute (CTI) is an initiative to strengthen teaching and learning in public schools. Led by classroom teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and professors at UNC Charlotte and Davidson College, CTI is founded on four pillars of strong professional development: content knowledge, creativity, leadership and collaboration. The institute is housed at UNC Charlotte within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. In 2013, CTI and its partners were recognized by the Council of Great City Schools with the Shirley S. Schwartz Urban Education Impact Award.


EthicsCenter for Professional and Applied Ethics

The Center for Professional and Applied Ethics provides leadership in 21st-Century ethics education and research in the Greater Charlotte region and beyond. The Center collaborates with a diverse range of on- and off-campus constituencies.

The Center engages students and faculty in ethics-related educational events, research collaborations, and outreach activities. It invites members of the off-campus professional community to partner on specific ethics-related projects and provides ethics-related educational programming to the campus and the general public through numerous lectures, conversations and programs. It aims to increase awareness of the ethical importance of public practices and policies.


UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

The mission of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of plants for educational, environmental, and aesthetic purposes. Whether visitors are looking for a relaxing stroll through a beautiful setting, are studying plants and want to learn more, or are new to the area and wonder about the variety of plants the local climate can support, the gardens and staff are available as resources. The outdoor gardens and greenhouse are open to the public for no charge.




Integrated Network for Social Sustainability

INSS is a National Science Foundation-funded project to create and sustain a network of individuals from various jobs and professions to help consider the most ill-defined member of the sustainability trilogy: social sustainability. While environmental and economic sustainability are well-defined, social sustainability is not. This network connects people, resources and tools to address this important issue.


Charlotte Action Research Project (CHARP)

The Charlotte Action Research Project (CHARP) forges partnerships between UNC Charlotte and marginalized communities in Charlotte. Many leaders in the CHARP effort are faculty, students and staff in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, especially in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences. CHARP takes its starting point in recognizing a neighborhood's assets. It consistently and proactively seeks to integrate teaching, research, and action to work towards a larger agenda of social justice; to enable neighborhoods to advocate for themselves; and to create sustainable neighborhood coalitions to implement structural change.


49er Democracy Experience

UNC Charlotte has partnered with allies in higher education, business and civic leadership to present the 49er Democracy Experience. The Experience brings together expert faculty, civic-minded students and community partners to provide educational programming that enhances the public understanding of and participation in our nation’s democratic process. Faculty, staff and students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are active leaders in this process.