Whatever academic area you are seeking, you have a great chance of finding it here! We offer 32 undergraduate degrees, 50 undergraduate minors, 24 master’s degrees, 8 Ph.D. programs, 12 graduate certificate, and 22 honors programs. Our offerings in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and military sciences also include interdisciplinary programs at all levels.

As the largest and most diverse college at UNC Charlotte, CLAS advances the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences, with a keen focus on emerging areas of study. Our students actively engage with local, national, and global communities and seek to transform the world through creative and innovative solutions. 

You can also take advantage of learning opportunities, including learning communities, undergraduate research, internships, honors programs, education abroad, experiential learning, service learning and outreach, academic student organizations and LEADS, to expand and deepen what you learn in your classes. The degrees, classes and other academic initiatives we offer help you prepare for your future, while you actively engage in the here-and-now.