The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has over 51,000 alumni who live, work and make a difference throughout the world. Many of our alumni, along with friends of the College, continue to stay connected with us in a variety of ways. We hope you will stay connected, and join us for events, volunteerism options and other opportunities to help our students prepare for their futures.


Attend Events

One avenue for getting involved is through the College’s programs and events offered to the university community and the broader community. For a full listing of upcoming programs, please check our events calendar.

Among our efforts to share its knowledge with the community, the College offers the Personally Speaking authors' series, a public lecture as part of the Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau Witness in Residence Initiative, the Witherspoon Lecture, the Levine Lecture, the Bertha Maxwell-Roddey Lecture, the Botanical Gardens Urban Roots events, and the Barnhardt Seminar on Ethics and the World of Business, along with numerous other community conversations presented by the College and its academic units. Through these community events, the College offers speakers of national, international and local stature to educate, challenge and engage the community.


We always welcome volunteers, who can help our students and faculty in many ways. Volunteers offer expertise through service on advisory committees, service on alumni panels to provide insights to our students, the offering of internships, and in many other ways. You are welcome to reach out to the College or to the department(s) where you received your degree(s).

We also welcome your help with our LEADS initiative. LEADS offers expansive options to meet students’ individual needs and interests, and our students would benefit from your support.

Update Your Information

New address? New job? New spouse or child in the family? New city? Visit the Alumni Affairs website to update your information.

STAY connected

Join the CLAS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram community to stay in touch! You also can keep up-to-date on College news on our digital news magazine site, Exchange or through our print version of Exchange.

Consider a gift

Join us in multiplying opportunity, resources, talent and impact through a gift to the College or one of its departments, centers and programs. Thank you!