Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduates Find Diverse Opportunities

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is a place of exploration and discovery. Here, you will be challenged to think more broadly and more deeply than probably ever before. You will learn to think critically and to act compassionately, working alongside your professors and fellow students in the classroom, in research settings and in the broader community.

Because our focus is expansive and inclusive, you can find and refine your true passions. You can engage in experiences that help you develop as a creative and imaginative thinker and engaged citizen in a world increasingly characterized by diversity and change. You will grow as a leader, ready to make a difference now and in your future. If you choose to take full advantage of the diverse opportunities available to you, you will be positioned for personal success and civic responsibility in the global environment of the 21st century.

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides a diverse array of programs in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics. We offer 75 degree options, over 50 minors, and a number of departmental honors programs.